Your Keys to Attracting Passive Candidates

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Today, companies need every advantage if they’re going to overcome skill gaps and labor shortages. Often, targeting passive candidates has to be part of the equation. Along with deepening your talent pool, you’ll gain access to skilled professionals with in-demand skills with greater ease, all because you’re reaching a broader audience.

Typically, connecting with passive candidates is harder than reaching active ones. However, with the right strategy, it’s possible to make significant headway. If you want to solve your recruitment woes and access top talent, here are some keys to attracting passive candidates.

Don’t Make Candidates Jump Through Hoops

Generally speaking, passive candidates won’t dedicate as much time and energy to landing a position as active ones. Mainly, this is because they aren’t wholly unsatisfied with where they are now; they’re simply open to heading in a new direction if it makes sense.

Since the mindset of passive candidates is different, you want to make sure they don’t have to jump through hoops to toss their hats into the ring. Simplify your hiring process, removing redundancies like asking for a resume and a form-based application while reducing time-consuming activities like essay questions or personality tests. Additionally, move to interview great candidates quickly, ensuring they don’t become disengaged before you reach out.

Be Flexible When It Comes to Interviewing

By and large, passive candidates are employed elsewhere. Since that’s the case, you can’t reasonably expect them to drop everything and come in for an interview based on what works best for your schedule. Ideally, you want to embrace flexibility, ensuring you can make an arrangement that meets their needs above all else.

For example, make appointments available before and after the traditional workday, as well as during lunches. Consider using remote video interviews over in-person meetings, making it easier for professionals who don’t work nearby to attend. That way, there won’t be any difficulties with getting an appointment on the books.

Focus on Digital Attraction Strategies

When you want to reach passive candidates, you need a presence in places they’re already using regularly. Job boards aren’t typically ideal, as that’s predominately the domain of active job seekers.

Instead, you’ll want to use digital attraction strategies on platforms passive candidates frequent. Social media is a prime example. If you’re combining vacancy announcements with value-adding content and peaks into your company culture, you’ll reach passive candidates with greater ease.

Focusing on establishing an authentic voice along the way is vital, allowing you to cultivate a stronger position. Highlighting what you have to offer employees is also wise, allowing you to craft a robust employer value proposition.

Keep Communications Personalized, But Concise

Personalizing your communications with candidates is always best if you want to boost engagement. However, you also need to be concise when you’re dealing with passive candidates. Asking them to read long, rambling messages during the day isn’t smart because they may not have the time to do so. That delays communication, making it less likely that they’ll stay engaged.

Instead, keep your messages concise, focusing on the core point right away. That way, passive candidates can review them quickly, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt their day.

Ultimately, all of the tips above can help you connect with passive candidates.

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