Companies Are Creating Their Own Top Talent: Here’s How

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Today, companies are facing unique challenges when trying to cultivate their ideal workforce. Labor shortages and skill gaps remain pervasive. Plus, many organizations are reducing their hiring spend in preparation for a potential recession, leading to less recruitment or reduced ability to offer top dollar to in-demand talent.

As a result, hiring isn’t always ideal when you need to address skill gaps internally. Fortunately, there is a solid alternative. Companies are increasingly creating their own top talent. Here’s how they’re making it happen.

Upskilling to Create Your Own Top Talent

Today, companies are increasingly turning to upskilling as a means of creating their own top talent. With upskilling, the goal is to enhance the capabilities of existing team members in relevant ways. Often, organizations start by focusing on critical skill gaps relating to existing operations. After that, they usually transition to competencies that are needed for upcoming projects or planned operational shifts.

Overall, upskilling is primarily training that’s targeted to individual employees or work groups based on their functional area. The idea is to offer educational opportunities that are highly relevant, ensuring they can immediately put any new skills to work and increasing engagement by tailoring the experience to each employee’s unique needs.

Upskilling can involve classroom-based learning or e-learning modules. However, companies can also branch out, incorporating strategies like job shadowing, cross-training, and mentorship. By using several approaches, you can make learning pathways available that suit a range of employee needs, increasing the overall effectiveness of the program.

In many cases, it’s also coupled with a continuous learning culture. Companies work to develop a workforce mindset that understands the value of expanding their capabilities, aside from its impact on organizational profitability. By ensuring workers see how upskilling benefits them, engagement classically rises. As a result, businesses that go this direction are diligent about showcasing the value of the experience in regard to the employee experience, such as its ability to streamline tasks and reduce stress.

In the end, upskilling is a strategy that allows companies to functionally curate their perfect workforce. It empowers existing employees, letting them dramatically expand their capabilities while eliminating skill gaps and improving efficiency.

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Hiring for Potential Over Pure Technical Ability

When companies are open to upskilling members of their workforce, they can approach hiring differently. Instead of focusing purely on technical ability, they have the option of hiring for potential.

High-potential candidates are those with the right foundational skills – but not necessarily every competency the company wants – that also have an exceptional attitude, a willingness to learn, a drive to improve, and a desire to shine. By selecting these job seekers, companies get new hires that they can mold into their perfect fit through training. Plus, this strategy can elevate your culture, as you’re able to make soft skills and personality key components of the selection process.

Ultimately, hiring for potential over pure technical ability is an excellent option for simplifying recruitment while also getting high-quality new hires. If you’d like to expand your team, the staffing agency at Hamilton-Ryker makes finding capable, enthusiastic candidates easier. Contact us today.

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